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Enough’s enough for ‘Free Verse’ – let’s get back to poetry as we all understand it

On receiving a book for my birthday

Many years ago, I gave my father a book for his birthday: the collected works of William McGonagall. If you don’t know him, then do take a look here: he was a Victorian Scot who is widely regarded as the worst poet in the English Language, and he is so bad it is actually quite […]

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This poem sounds suicidal but was more influenced by science fiction such as the Lensman series, where the human mind breaks free of bodily constraint. It’s not great but I was young at the time… My empty face stares through the lonely sky Until the window mists and the world is gone. How have I […]

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Campaign for Real Poetry (CaRP)

When is poetry not poetry? When it has no rhythm or rhyme. We here at Simplicated are acknowledged Old Farts – and Grumpy Old Farts at that. And one of the things we grump at is poetry – or what seems to pass for poetry these days.

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