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In, out, shake it all about…

I know I said I would avoid political comment in these blogs, but I have been so dispirited by the whole nature of the Referendum campaign on both sides that I felt a small rant was in order. I’m not going to plump for one side or the other, rather to proclaim “a plague on […]

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Top 10 hotel faults

I have been lucky enough (I think “lucky” is the word I want) to stay many times in hotels on both business and pleasure, all around the world. Some have been top class, others not so good. A good hotel will make a stay a very pleasant event, and even bad hotels tend to have […]

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On a scale of 0 to 12

With obesity becoming a national obsession, it is clear that the terms ‘thin’ and ‘fat’ are wholly inadequate to describe the range of widths of the human form. I spent my teenage years in Skegness (somebody has to), where humankind not only comes in every shape and size, but also is prepared to display that […]

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